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The new house USES activated carbon, how long can you check

2017-08-04 17:22       hits:

In the absence of professional environmental testing, it is recommended to use activated carbon for at least one month.

The safe check-in time of science is determined by the testing results of indoor harmful gas content by the professional indoor environment testing institution. When the content of harmful gas in indoor air conforms to the national standard, it is safe to check in. And before we put in the home household activated carbon, usually not professional indoor environment testing institutions make a detection and judgment of indoor harmful gas content, the amount of indoor harmful gas can not be sure, nature also not sure how long will it take to get activated carbon with will indoor harmful gas concentration to the standard.

In general, we suggest that the urgent need to check in at the same time not indoor environmental testing of customer, first will indoor forced ventilation days (with fan speed indoor air emissions) outward, then place domestic activated carbon (key place for cabinet put oneself in another's position, control pollution gas diffusion), put a few aloe and cactus plants. This can greatly reduce the content of harmful gas and improve the safety of the stay.

The company's home formaldehyde test box products can provide us with self-test. Formaldehyde pollution in indoor pollution one of the most serious matter, it is necessary for us to make the key test, but detection reagent test results have certain error, the main purpose is to provide a reference value for the customer, in order to decide whether to do further accurate professional indoor environmental testing. At the same time indoor harmful gas is diversiform, besides formaldehyde, still have benzene, TVOC wait, only test formaldehyde is incomplete.

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