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Safety Development, Preventive Focus --- Fire Exercise of th

2019-08-02 16:50       hits:
In order to effectively strengthen the company's daily safety work and improve the quality of fire safety, safety prevention and self-rescue ability of the whole staff, on May 11, the company held a fire emergency safety drill with the theme of "safety development, prevention first". General Zhang of the company, leaders of various departments and all employees participated in the drill.
Before the drill, the production department and the administrative department of the company worked out the plan of the drill carefully and carefully, clarified the responsibilities and requirements, and provided a practical guarantee for the success of the drill. The main contents of the drill training are: explaining the fire extinguishing methods when fire accidents occur; notifying the layout of fire fighting facilities of the company; demonstrating the use of fire extinguishers of fire fighting equipment on the spot, and organizing the actual operation of everyone; explaining the ways of emergency evacuation and escape in the event of fire and on-site drilling.

Zhang Fan is the commander-in-chief of the drill. First of all, Director Zhang has trained the staff on fire safety knowledge. From daily fire safety work to the use of fire fighting equipment, he has explained and demonstrated one by one for you. He has supplemented the necessary knowledge that some employees lack in fire safety and achieved good results.

Firstly, the project of the drill is to use dry powder fire extinguisher to carry out fire extinguishing drill. The two-person, three-person, multi-person one-character dry powder fire extinguisher fire extinguishing drill is mainly used for fire extinguishing and extinguishing at the beginning of fire. It has good extinguishing effect on solid fire and live fire. Finally, the basic subjects of fire extinguishing of multi-person zigzag dry powder fire extinguisher were drilled. Every employee is full of emotions, actively participating, sweating and running, only to suppress the flames of the arrogant flame, orderly completed one after another fire fighting tasks, has been unanimously affirmed by the company Zhang.

Zhang said that fire drills are designed to prevent accidents in the future. The company has always regarded safety as its top priority and safety production as its top priority. The company holds fire knowledge training and exercises every year from time to time, aiming at improving the fire awareness and safety skills of all employees of the company through fire knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises, testing the organizational ability, emergency response ability and actual combat ability of the company's fire safety, and creating a safe and harmonious environment for the vast number of employees.
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In the course of the drill, the commander-in-chief was calm, calm and unflustered. The staff members were quick-witted and skilled, and they successfully completed the drill of the scheduled subjects. The whole drill has tight and compact process arrangement, tense and orderly personnel organization, quick and effective fire fighting action. While fully learning fire fighting knowledge and practicing fire fighting process on the spot, the majority of employees have also exercised the ability to deal with emergencies quickly and decisively and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

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