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Interview with Mr. Zhang Yongfu, Chairman of Fulai Carbon Fi

2019-08-02 17:00       hits:

On June 4, 2019, the 13th International Solar Energy and Intelligent Energy Exhibition, a grand event of the photovoltaic industry, was officially opened at the Shanghai International Exposition Center. More than 2,000 enterprises from more than 100 countries and regions around the world gathered in Shanghai, bringing together the most cutting-edge technologies and products on solar photovoltaic applications.


Gansu Fulai Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. made a brilliant appearance in this exhibition with the exclusive research and development of "modified carbon fiber felt" series products.




As the most important supporting product of photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises, carbon fiber thermal insulation felt has been playing an important role in cost control, energy saving and consumption reduction of single crystal manufacturing enterprises. Gansu Fulai Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. has been honing its sword for seven years. With its super high cost performance, the "modified carbon fiber felt" invested in research and development has been increasingly favored by many photovoltaic manufacturers, and has gradually realized the enterprise vision of saving costs for enterprises and energy for the country.


At this exhibition, Chairman Zhang Yongfu was interviewed by CCTV's "Creativity" program. During the interview, Chairman Zhang Yongfu introduced the characteristics of "modified graphite felt" to reporters, and reviewed the research and development process full of hardships and challenges. Zhang Yongfu, chairman of the board, said: From its inception, Fulai Carbon Fiber has established the enterprise goal of developing high-end carbon fiber felt, in order to provide high cost-effective carbon fiber products to replace imports and benefit domestic customers. In the seven-year R&D process, despite many difficulties, we are not discouraged because we have not forgotten our first heart.



The R&D process of Fulai Carbon Fiber fully conforms to the program purpose of "Craftsmanship" - telling the story of innovation of traditional craftsmanship and inheritance of craftsmanship spirit. Chairman Zhang Yongfu's true story touched the reporters and every audience present.

Finally, Zhang Yongfu, chairman of the board of directors, said to reporters: Fulai Carbon Fiber will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen in the research and development and production of "modified carbon fiber felt", dedicate the best products, save costs for customers and create value for society, adhering to the purpose of "not seeking good for everything, but seeking the best".

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