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Warmly welcome the leaders of shenyang, lanzhou and silver t

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On March 9, 2016, shenyang Wang Qingwei and shenyang municipal people's congress standing committee, chairman of the federation (shenyang), director of the national overseas Chinese affairs committee of National People's Congress Cui Jingyu, chairman of the federation of lanzhou city Song Zhengkui, standing committee of the communist party of China lanzhou, lanzhou municipal party committee of the communist party of China united front work department minister, President of lanzhou city glorious career advancement) Duan Ying shavings, baiyin, chairman of the federation of European will army and other leaders to visit my company guidance, I extended a warm welcome to shenyang, lanzhou, baiyin federation leadership to visit my company guidance, and actively explore the carbon fiber industry technology advancement, the purpose of universality, high performance, etc., and points out that: "the carbon fiber industry has good prospects for present and future, our company should strengthen the product innovation of science and technology, strict production of every working procedure, the good product quality, the technology of the carbon fiber industry are advanced, and the generation of national common use carbon felt". Our company has also been adhering to the innovation and the carbon felt of the country's civilian population, making the use of carbon fiber high-tech products universalized.

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