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The chairman of zhang yongfu was awarded an outstanding alum

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This year's New Year will be different and innovative. At 20:15, with all the students and teachers in a loud countdown, the 20:16 arrived, which means we said goodbye to 2015, we hugged 2016, the atmosphere of the party reached its climax. Finally, the party ended in the song "love my China" and "unforgettable tonight".

In 2015, the 12th five-year plan was successfully closed; Looking ahead to 2016, the 13th five-year plan is about to start. New Year, new weather, new hope, new future carrying new dream. The bamboo shoots break the earth, the earth rhythm is the sound of spring. In the fast development of our school, let us work together to create a bright future for the new happiness of modern happiness! (communications officer/wang fei photography/li jiaeng fang jifeng/li jianhe)

Professor wang wei, party secretary of shenyang university of aeronautics and astronautics

Chen baodong was the chairman of our company

The linkage platform of social service and practice in shenyang university has been successfully launched

Shenyang university of aeronautics and astronautics the dance "longfeng chengxiang"

The splendid dance brought by the liaoning ballet

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