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New materials industry investment report: carbon fiber parts

2017-08-04 17:08       hits:

Weekly point of view: the logic behind the price rise is substantially different from the previous one. One is in November 2016, the ministry of industry and information technology combination of land and resources, environmental protection department, the ministry of public security and other departments issued "about business please organize special action to combat the illegal violations of rare earths in the letter, provide comprehensive strict inspection activity. Unlike in the past, the review first included the six major rare earth groups, while also becoming a key point of verification for the comprehensive utilization of rare earth enterprises and rare earth import and export trade enterprises. From the source of production, intermediate trade to downstream applications, we have deeply checked the flow of black rare earth into the market. The second is the expected boost in prices in July. In December 2016, January 2017, March 2017, and May 2017, the total storage amount is about 9500 tons. In contrast to the previous low and low frequency, it is now small and often high, which contributes to the steady and steady upward trend of rare earth prices. Meanwhile, in July, the forecast of storage is expected to boost prices again. The third is the demand release of the downstream magnetic material ndfeb. With the release of new energy vehicles, the demand for magnetic materials is stronger, driving the consumption of upstream raw materials. Investors can focus on the northern rare earth, sheng and resources, baosteel, minmetals, guangsheng, etc.

Market performance: the Shanghai composite index rose 0.80 per cent to 3,217.96, while the shenzhen composite gained 1.08 per cent to 1918.13, while the non-ferrous index rose 4.35 per cent, outperforming the broader market by 3.55 per cent to 2338.70. The Wind materials II index rose 4.57%, the strongest in a quarter.

Data tracking: lithium battery index rose 7.31%, the new material index rose 3.48%, new energy vehicles index rose 4.00%, graphene index rose 5.77%, 3 d printing index rose 2.82%, an ultracapacitor index rose 3.50%, sensor index rose 0.74%.

New material combination: the first three targets of this week's new material combination are: square carbon, positive sea magnetic materials, and weft lithium energy; After the performance of the three targets are: new materials, the third ring group, kang new.

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